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eTigger Available now !
I'm happy to announce that eTrigger is now available to the public to try. Thank you to all who have beta tested. eDrumMonitor will remain available and free.

edrummonitor.com back online
The web site is back up after some transfer dificulties. The forum should be back up soon. Thank you for your patience.


Version available
Fix a bug in the MidiCC tracks that did not allow High Cap, Low Cap, and CC Reverse to work on incoming Midi CC signals.


Version available
A small bug was fixed in the Anti-Machine Gun setting that caused velocities to sometime go over 127 and fall under 1.

F.A.Q Section
I've added a F.A.Q. section to the forum that is accessible from everywhere. This is to make up for the lack of documentation until I get around to writing it. Please direct all question about EDM there.


MegaDrum Support almost complete :)
Support for the MegaDrum 32 Module is nearing completion and that means I will be packing it into EDM soon :) Thank to Dmitri for all his help on it !!!

EDM SP2 Requirement issue
I'm working on removing the requirement for SP2 in EDM to show track windows. I know allot of people who run DAW's hate to use SP2. I'm working on it :)

Cross-Platform Version of EDM
Yes, a cross-platform version of EDM is slowly in the works. But it's gonna be a long long time till it's release, I will give updates on my progress.

Links added / MegaDrum Support
A links section has been added to the page with a nice collection of links. Also, I am working with Dmitri to introduce ability to control the MegaDrum module from Edrum Monitor. Many other drum modules many follow in it's success :)


Version available
Edrum Monitor version is available for testing for those who would like to try it out. It is still in the alpha stages. Bug reports are welcome. Thanks :)


Version 2.0
Edrum Monitor version 2.0 has been in progress for over 6 months now, and a beta release is expected to be released soon. 2.0 includes lots and lots of new features including pc keyboard input support, addable - subtractable channel strips, midi cc controlled zone output, Velocity controlled zone output, position sensing zone output, velocity curves, alternating output and lots more.


Help Wanted
I am currently seeking an experienced C++ programmer to help with new 'advanced' implements to this software. please e-mail me :)

Edrum Monitor 1.0 released
- This release is primarily because of a vital update in dual piezo detection and retrigger algorithms to better fix Emon's signal processing.
This is the first Official release, and should be considered beta, of edrum monitor and needs to be tested an other windows platforms. Win NT and Win 2000. Your feedback is much appreciated :)