Edrum Monitor



donations since January 2006


-Fixed bug in High-Cap, Low-Cap, and Reverse on Midi CC tracks.
-Fixed bug in Anti-Machinegun than caused hit's to sometimes go over 127 and under 1.
-Fixed bug in pedal "chick" events for Midi CC Tracks
-Made accept and 2.0a .emd files
-Added joystick button support to midi cc tracks
-Added pc keyboard support for midi cc tracks
-Removed "must be 1 - 127" nag when manually entering input notes
-Fixed crash bug when loading .emd files with joystick's assignments
-Improved saving and opening of files for better stability
-Made accept 2.0a .emd files

- Interface redesigned for addable/removable tracks
- Up to 100 different tracks addable to Edrum Monitor main window
- Triple zone track added for 3 piezo triggers with position sensing capability
- Single zone, Dual zone, Triple zone, Midi CC Tracks added
- Tracks created allowing size changing or each track
- Right click allows adding and removing tracks
- Added edit menu to allow adding tracks
- Changed Status window to open separate from main window
- Status window now has Input and Output monitoring
- Added PC keyboard input for zone tracks.
- Kits now save and open as separate .emd files
- Open files now show in the title bar
- Main settings now save to main .dat file separate from kit files
- Note off signal setting separate for each track now
- Piezo wait time setting separate for each multi-zone track now
- Added multi-piezo auto detect for all multi-zone tracks
- Added velocity curve setting for each track
- Added ability to save, load, and create new curves
- Added new, delete, curve list for velocity curves
- Added full velocity control for each track
- Added "load from curve" to full velocity control window
- Added alternating output for each track
- Added Midi CC Controlled Velocity for each track with reverse CC option
- Added Midi CC Controlled Note Output for each track
- Added Position Control for multi-zone tracks
- Added Priority controll to Triple Zone tracks
- Midi CC tracks are now linkable with Midi CC Control enabled tracks
- Midi CC Controlled Output allows 20 zones with adjustable, color coded, zone sliders
- Added Velocity Controlled Note Output for each track
- Velocity Controlled Output allows 20 zones with adjustable, color coded, zone sliders
- Changed Anti-machine gun strength to allow 0 to turn AMG off
- Changed track volume settings to full resolution on a +/- scale
- Added multi-zone position sensing note output for multi-zone tracks
- Position sensing zone output allows 20 zones with adjustable, color coded, zone sliders
- Tracks now allow input and output with the same notes if desired
- Added latency time ouput to status window
- New install package as .exe instead of .zip, much more compatable and smaller
- Fixed issue that made Edrum Monitor window too large for lower screen resolutions
- Fixed window scrolling issues for better accuracy
- Fixed issue where volume sliders cause taskbar icons to be created with bubble window
- Fixed tab order for all tracks

- Added Aftertouch option with support for 10 channels
- Added joystick button detection for Aftertouch learning
- Added trigger detection for Aftertouch learning
- Multiple cymbals can be routed to a single aftertouch switch
- Huge bug fix in the retrigger algorithm causing missed hits
- Enhanced joystick code to use very low cpu
- Enhanced retrigger learning to use very low cpu
- Added manual to the help menu
- Added reverse for pedal event
- Added volume slider for pedal event
- Added high and low volume caps for pedal event
- Fixed a timing bug in dual piezo processing
- Fixed bug that allowed repeat signals from mouse wheel

- Added Tray Bar Icon
- Added functions to Minimize and Maximize from Tray
- Added last 6 volume meters
- Added 3 way volume meters to all channels to con troll Dynamic range, high and Low caps
- Made 3 way volume meters color changeable by left click.
- Added settings menu for all channels
- Added Cut/Limit option for the Volume caps
- Added Volume meters On/Off to options
- Added save confirmation on exit
- Added Mouse Wheel Support to channel 1
- Added Mouse Wheel Sensitivity option
- Added Note-Off On/Off option
- Added Midi Signal Bleed On/Off option
- Added Anti-Machine Gun mode w/time and strength options for all channels
- Channels 7, 8, 9 and 10 now support dual piezo
- Midi Devices can now be changed during runtime
- Midi Devices will now auto load after saving
- Added Pedal "chick" event for channel 1
- Enhanced Dual Piezo Detection algorithm for better output and lower latency
- Fixed bug that allowed multiple learn buttons to be clicked
- Fixed bug that cause Emon to crash if joystick unplugged

- Added Joystick Range for channel 1
- Added Joystick Button Learning for all channels
- Added Status Bar for more detailed output
- Added Midi Output Note selection for all channels
- Added Visual Volume meters for channels 1-16 //Will add last 6 channels soon :)
- Added Reverse CC for channel 1
- Links added to the about box
- Midi Output for joystick will now work without midi input device
- Midi Signals can now bleed through unaltered if not assigned to any channels.
- Fixed bug in flam detection that caused retriggers
- Fixed a few other bugs

- Added joystick support for channel 1
- Added Midi CC Min and Max caps to channel 1
- Now Requires DirectX 8.0 or higher.

- Retrigger algorithm enhanced to let flams and rolls through better
- Options Menu added
- Retrigger learning threshold made adjustable
- Retrigger Safety made adjustable
- Retrigger Bypass Velocity made adjustable
- Dual Piezo Wait time made adjustable

- New windows design featuring 22 channels of Midi Input and Output
- 8 Dual piezo capable channels
- Dual Piezo Position Sensing with Midi CC signals for all 8 dual piezo channels
- Midi CC signal reverse option (1 to 127) or (127 to 1)
- Midi CC Low End and High End Caps for limiting Midi CC Signals
- Midi CC Reverse signal Implement for all dual piezo channels
- Velocity Balance for all Dual Piezo Channels
- Channel 1 (pedal) Midi CC Learn Feature
- Channel 1 (pedal) Maid CC Note output and Midi Channel Output
- Learning feature for all channels
- Automatic Retrigger detection for all channels.
- Midi Output Channel changeable for all channels
- Volume (Dynamic Range) control for all channels
- Setting savable now.
- Emon Now comes in an Installer Package for compatibility
- many many bug fixes

0.4 Beta
- Better response time for Velocity Balance

0.3 Beta
- NEW SOFTWARE COMPLETELY! Edrum Monitor is now programmed in C++ using the "PORTMIDI" Library.
- No Longer requires Midi OX or Visual Basic Runtimes
- Three dual-piezo drums now supported
- Midi input and output device selection added.
- Midi Output Channel Selection
- Note-off Signal enable/disable added.
- fixed bug that allowed velocity to go over 127
- fixed bug that caused learning to loop forever

0.2 Beta
- LAST of this release till C++ version
- Fixed Learn button looping forever.
- Added Velocity Balance Slider
- Added Learn functions for head and rim input
- Added Graphics
- Loads Midi-Ox Minimized

0.1 Beta
- FIRST RELEASE (visual basic w/midiox)